Our former students have taken many different paths in life. They are parents and partners, workers and scholars – and they are able to use the skills they learned here at Discovery in their work and at home. We’re proud of what they’ve accomplished, and love to hear from them. If you used to go to Discovery School, please help us reconnect by filling out the following questionnaire and sending it back to us!

Here are some of the comments we’ve received:

“My teacher always brought a smile to the class. She also brought my reading and writing level up … now I love school. I excel in Biology and History, plus I’m on the rugby team.”
~ Lucas C., as a Grade 11

“Small class sizes gave an opportunity for more one-on-one assistance. I was able to better understand not only the material, but what adaptations were the most effective for me. … When I returned to the public system, I was an honours student, and did well in Math and Science and was able to complete English. I am a highly motivated student with a solid work ethic.”
~ Murray M., now a Civil Engineer in Technology

“When I came to Discovery School, my confidence was very low. Once at Discovery, I learned that everyone is individual in how they interpret their world. I was taught how to ‘see things from a different point of view’ in regards to problem solving. Now as an adult, I ‘try my best’ when trying to achieve. I value my independence and education, and enjoy learning and applying that to my career and life.”
~ Jessica M., now a Licensed Practical Nurse

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We love to hear from our alumni!

If you are Discovery School alumni, please help us by answering the following questionnaire.

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