Discovery School Tuition

Every spring our Board of Directors establishes tuition fees that support the financial stability and sustainability of the school. Tuition fees are the portion of educational costs not covered by the 50% Funding Grant from the Ministry or the Special Education Grant we receive for each student.

The tuition fee for 2018-19 is $7,350 for students in Grades 1-8 and $7,500 for those in Grades 9-12. Parents provide a deposit at the time of registration and in September can either pay the tuition in full, or with 10 post-dated monthly cheques.

Additional Fees

As well as the school tuition fee, parents are responsible for bus fares, and portions of off-site PE activities, curriculum based field-trips, year-end activities and graduation fees. These activities are part of our Outdoor Education and P.E. courses, and are considered necessary programs. Parents only pay a portion of the cost for these activities; the remaining cost is subsidized by the Parent Support Group fundraising efforts. Parents also must ensure educational psychological reports remain current.