Who we are

Discovery School is a Christian school, and our interpersonal-relationship building, discipline, and life-skills are based on Christian principles. Our staff are committed Christians of varying denominations. However, we do not teach any specific doctrine and accept differences in belief. We do not require our students or their families to be Christian, but do expect them to show respect for our beliefs and to participate in spiritual activities such as Bible readings, prayer time and devotions.


The Discovery School Society owns and operates Discovery School. Members of this Society meet every September soon after school opens to elect a Board of Directors. Most Board members are parents of present and former students of Discovery School, but the Society also welcomes others who are committed to the school’s special mission and vision.

Discovery School Board Bios 2023-2024 

Board of Directors

What does the Board do?

Our Board is the formal, legal representative of the Discovery School Society. It sets vision and broad course for the School, giving very general direction to the Principal and, through her, to the staff. The Board sets fees, approves the budget for operating and capital expenses, and has complete and final authority for all Discovery School finances. Through the Principal, the Board supervises the management of the School building, equipment, and grounds.

To fulfill its governance role, the Board relies on the Principal’s strong expertise and professional knowledge.  She is the chief operating officer and the Board supports her by indicating the broad framework for her authority. 

Another role of the board is to establish long-term goals, anticipate challenges, and look for opportunities that come from outside our small community, including setting goals for growth, interpreting the shifting financial rules that affect independent schools, and exploring opportunities for new programming.

What does the Parent Support Group do?

Our Parent Support Group facilitates and develops fund-raising strategies and activities to augment our operational requirements, including financial support for our annual camp, field trips, special equipment purchases and a variety of “extras” that enrich and enliven the educational program.

Our Discovery School Parent Support Group was incorporated on November 15th, 2006, to facilitate the school’s fundraising activities. The elected Discovery School Society Board members also serve as the executive committee of the Discovery School Parent Support Group, serving for the same length of term. The titles of the elected officers are the same as those given to the Discovery School Society Board members. The only exception is that the Fundraising Coordinator for the Board is the Chairperson for the Parent Support Group.


All our school policies are available for viewing in our office. The most important ones for parents are contained in our Parent handbook, which is available from the school or as a downloadable PDF file here. (password required).

Conditions of enrollment

Each year parents receive a copy of all school expectations, procedures, and policies which is called the Conditions of Enrollment. Parents are required to read and sign the Conditions of Enrollment pledging their commitment to their child's education and support to the school. Discovery School recognizes that parents are a very important and necessary part of the education process. Students succeed when they make the effort to learn, with the support and commitment of their parents and teachers.

Annual General Meeting

All parents are expected to attend our Annual General Meeting. This allows parents to be part of the election of Board Members and to register for various fund-raising activities. The Annual General meeting is usually held on the last Wednesday evening in September.

How To Apply

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with a learning disability and is struggling to succeed in a regular classroom, the first step in our application process is to telephone us at 250-595-7765.


Please consider making a donation to Discovery School. Your gift will not only help individual students make the most of their abilities, but will help build stronger families.


Do you have some questions about Discovery School, who we are and what we do? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

How We Help

Our teachers, principal and staff all have many years of experience with learning disabilities. We have a wealth of strategies, approaches and suggestions to help you and your child.