A history of learning, growth and caring.

For over 40 years, Discovery School has focused on helping children with learning disabilities understand their challenges and develop the skills, strategies and abilities they need to succeed.

In 1976, Marnie Spencelayh saw a need for a full-day learning assistance programme in Victoria. She decided to start a school where children would work in small groups, proceed academically at their own pace, and learn in an atmosphere of kindness, respect, love and support.

Since its earliest days, Discovery’s philosophy has been to return students to the regular school system as soon as they are ready. Children stay with us only as long as they need our concentrated help and support, returning to regular classrooms when they have developed the skills required for success. While the length of stay varies from child to child, most are with us for two to four years.

In 1988 the Discovery School Board of Directors purchased a small school building on Victor Street in Victoria. The building had previously been a Christian Elementary School operated by Miss E. Bone, who chose Discovery School because we would maintain its Christian essence.

With its four classrooms, teacher’s room and offices for our educational consultant, secretary and principal, this building had been a comfortable, secure haven for students with learning disabilities ever since.

Expanded in 1971 and again in 1976, Discovery School’s building had no more room to grow. We knew the need for our services didn't end in Grade 9. In 2002, our Board of Directors began looking at options for growth, and developing a vision for Discovery School’s future.

In Spring 2010, we purchased our current building at 4052 Wilkinson Road and began increasing our enrollment to include Grades 10 through 12. Most students are now choosing to remain and graduate from Discovery!

In June of 2014, we celebrated our first Graduation!


Above: Marnie Spencelayh with students.

How To Apply

If you have a child who has been diagnosed with a learning disability and is struggling to succeed in a regular classroom, the first step in our application process is to telephone us at 250-595-7765.


Please consider making a donation to Discovery School. Your gift will not only help individual students make the most of their abilities, but will help build stronger families.


Do you have some questions about Discovery School, who we are and what we do? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.

How We Help

Our teachers, principal and staff all have many years of experience with learning disabilities. We have a wealth of strategies, approaches and suggestions to help you and your child.